Smart technology

Energize Tech offers complete Internet Protocol (IP) video surveillance systems with a broad range of high-resolution security cameras, dome cameras and high-performance digital video recorders (DVRs) networks video recorders (NVRs), and dedicated servers. Our IP surveillance solutions feature software and hardware applications that allow users to establish professional-level video management systems. We also offer a selection of specialized surveillance equipment such as low light and night vision cameras, infrared illuminators, bulletproof cameras, thermal cameras and 360-degree surveillance domes.

At the heart of our security solutions lies the systems’ powerful security analytics functionality – a combination of software, algorithms, and analytic processes used to detect abnormal behaviour and potential threats to the protected premises. This capability offers numerous benefits including, amongst others, automated monitoring of areas under surveillance and early prediction of potential security breaches, event-triggered alarms, as well as rapid detection of, and response to, security threats.

By combining intelligent technology and human imagination, we offer solutions based on sight, sound and analytics to improve security and optimize business performance.

Our security solutions comprise the following:

Security audits

We initiate the process of preparing security proposals by doing a scientific and comprehensive survey of clients’ premises. During this process we cover the following:

  • The security threat
  • Suitability of the current security measures, if any
  • Possible upgrade options that are available for the existing measures, if any
  • Security flaws and weak points
  • Scope of the proposed solution

Perimeter Security

Our perimeter security products and solutions offer an effective surveillance barrier along the external perimeters of properties. All solutions fully integrate with the main control room or any satellite control rooms, e.g. gate security rooms or remote offsite monitoring services that clients may employ. In this regard we offer:

  • Thermal cameras
  • Night vision cameras
  • Motion tracking cameras
  • Fence tampering detection
Perimeter Security


We offer truly smart and secure access control solutions. With these, users have the flexibility to select the most suitable combinations of hardware and software, and to integrate it with existing systems. Our solutions range from basic identification and entry control systems, to advanced access management, including the following:

  • Vehicle number plate recognition
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Access booms
  • Employee access control
  • Guest access control
  • Network door controllers

Lighting and speakers

Our network lighting systems integrate with perimeter security measures and other general lighting to allow effective visual control throughout clients’ premises at night time. Our network audio systems, furthermore, offer an effective public address (PA) facility to do announcements in public areas or communicate perimeter warnings.

  • Motion detection spotlights
  • Pre-recorded verbal announcements and warnings
Lighting and speakers


Our solutions provide for easy integration with existing control room systems. We also offer our own comprehensive control room systems for optimal performance

Control Room

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