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Before we start implementing any solutions or strategies we do a full survey of your premises and create an extensive report and proposal:

  • Suitability of current solution if any
  • Available upgrade options to existing solution if any
  • Security flaws and weak-points
  • Project scope



Our perimeter security products and solutions offer effective security to your business and property’s external perimeter. All solutions fully integrate into your main control room or any satellite control rooms e.g. gate security rooms or remote offsite monitoring services that you may employ.

  • Thermal Cameras
  • Night-vision Cameras
  • Motion Tracking cameras
  • Fence tampering detection

Access Control &



Access Control

We offer truly smart and secure access control solutions. With our solutions we give you the freedom to mix and match the best hardware and software and to integrate with existing systems that you may already have.

Our solutions offer everything from basic identification and entry controls to advanced access management.

  • Number Plate recognition
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Access Booms
  • Guess Access Controls
  • Network Door Controllers



Lighting & Speakers

Our network lighting systems integrate into your perimeter security and general lighting to allow effective controls throughout your premises.

Our network audio systems offer an effective PA system for public areas for announcements and perimeter warnings.

  • Motion detection spotlights
  • Prerecorded verbal warnings



Secure your perimeters with our FLIR Thermal Imaging detection and verification systems with intelligent analytics.

  • DJI Enterprise range of drones with Visible and Thermal Imagery



Control rooms

Our solutions offer easy integration with existing systems but we offer full control room systems for optimal performance.

  • Motion detection spotlights
  • Prerecorded verbal warnings