A business driven by an essential core principle.

Security systems serve one key purpose – to protect lives and assets.

We at Energize Tech take this fundamental principle seriously – very seriously. The fact that the safety and wellbeing of our clients start with us, forms the overriding driving factor in everything we do. We therefore make sure the security solutions we offer will counter the security threat clients are dealing with, and will fulfil our clients’ specific requirements. We use only the best equipment and software – all complying with security industry specifications – and we ensure that our workmanship is faultless.

We are totally honest in the recommendations we make. We do not overpromise, and we will never take shortcuts or under-deliver. In fact, we would rather walk away from a project, than to settle for second best and create a false sense of security, if that is what the client expects from us. We will not compromise on what is at stake in our line of work – the protection of lives and assets.


The security solutions we offer can only be as good as the equipment and software we install and use. We therefore partnered with Axis Communications, a leading Swedish supplier of smart network cameras, access control equipment, network audio facilities and analytics software, tailor-made for the demanding requirements of the security industry.

The infrastructure we install has a lifecycle of at least 20 years, and the network cameras a minimum of 10 years. Camera components that might become faulty due to normal wear and tear can be repaired or replaced without the need for replacing the actual cameras. At the same time, ongoing firmware and software updates ensure equipment in use remain up to date with the latest specifications. In general, cameras are only replaced over the long term when new technology becomes available.

Using Axis Communications products, gives us the flexibility to offer end-to-end security solutions based on application requirements, the technology required, and the requirements of specific industries.

Axis Communications products carry a five-year product warranty to ensure peace of mind, and cost-efficient and trouble-free ownership.


We are properly qualified and have distinct experience of more than a decade in the field of smart digital surveillance systems. This already gives us a head start in terms of the design and implementation of security projects of this nature.

At the same time we make it our priority to remain up to date with the latest advancements in technology in a world of ever-changing technological innovation, and to stay abreast with ongoing improvements in the products we install. This enables us to offer appropriate and up-to-date guidance during consultation with our clients, and to provide particularly effective solutions to their security requirements.

We never subcontract our work, and we thoroughly equip and empower our teams of competent system installers to ensure they deliver superior workmanship, correctly executed the first time around.


As far as security solutions go, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach. The fact that threats to security differ from location to location – even from time to time at specific locations – requires location-specific, bespoke solutions.   

We therefore make it our business to engage with our clients on a personal level to truly understand their requirements, and to offer comprehensive solutions that will remain effective and sustainable over time. This includes modular system designs to ensure scalability if systems have to be expanded in the future.   

We, furthermore, continue to give guidance to our clients once a project has been completed, thereby ensuring operational efficiency and ongoing support. This we do via on-site visits and online support, as well as round-the-clock remote monitoring and control of deployed systems from our central control room.


In terms of rolling out new installations, we favour doing one project at a time. This allows us to prepare properly and ensure the availability of all system components, and to have a full focus on each project, from the start until its completion.

This approach has a number of benefits – attention is given to detail, projects are completed within reduced time frames, and least disruption is caused to clients’ business operations.

Employees who live our ethos and brand

We select and employ only the best available in the labour market, and provide them with proper training. We, furthermore, give ongoing guidance to ensure each employee understands and concurs with our way of doing things, and practices it to the full while they engage in their daily tasks. In doing so, our workforce has become the backbone of our business, recognised for its performance and the high standard of service we offer.

Where continuously invest in our staff to ensure personal growth and job satisfaction, and we advance our staff from within the business as far as possible.

We are extremely proud of the Energize Tech team who can deploy projects in record time, while delivering work of world-class standard. We especially enjoy the way in which our clients love our crew and trust them with the investment in security that they’re making.


We offer Energize Tech finance and work with a number of major banks and private financiers, should clients require affordable financing for their security projects.


Energize Tech was awarded the prestigious “Silver Partner of the Year Award” by Axis Communications in 2020, and more recently moved up to Gold status with this supplier.

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